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From Hating My Body To Loving It

Hi I am Aparna Chandran!

The fun personal trainer and nutritionist helping women train to look good, get strong, fit and sculpted at home

I am the founder of SCULPT365, an ex-basketball player and athlete, now helping people worldwide transform their body and minds through my signature fitness programs.

My philosophy around fitness is simple-


"Train in a way that helps you move freely and without pain in your everyday life."

Fitness is a way of life.

Anyone can tell you what to do, but coaching is her superpower. Transforming people’s mindsets, bodies, habits and keeping them motivated in their journeys is what I do best.

I am no stranger to fitness and I believe that everybody has the potential to be their best.


Through all my years of training and experiences I have created signature fitness programs based on

  • Functional training

  • Athletic skill sets

  • Mind-to-muscle connection

Everyone has struggles and I am no exception. Overcoming body image issues, eating disorders, unsustainable and extreme practices has pivoted me to what I am today; transforming people from diverse backgrounds and fitness levels into their strongest selves is my passion and ultimate mission

I want you to be YOU!


your best



most confident


I believe you can train your body and mind, tap into your true potential and become the strongest version of yourself. Sculpt365 believes in the power of a community where we support each ihter and grow together

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Sculpt365 - Train To Become Your Strongest Self

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